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Discover your individual signature scent and unleash your own energy in an exclusive fragrance creation.

Eau de Parfum handcrafted for you

The personality test is free and takes 3 minutes to complete.


Individuality in a bottle.

Your creation.
Luxury meets craftsmanship. High-quality ingredients, accurate to the hundredth of a gram. Harmony in every ingredient of your exclusive composition.
Your magic.
Each fragrance is unique, filled by hand in fine bottles, sealed and packaged to ensure the highest quality.
Your perfume.
Your individual fragrance - as unique as you are.

Your aura, your creation

Discover a fragrance creation that’s as nuanced as you are. Exclusive, special and never to be replicated. 



THE SCENTIST is an idea from PARFUMLOVERS COLOGNE and a world first. It is a new fragrance label that combines the secrets of perfume making with your personal preferences — to create a perfume perfectly suited to you. We have been developing and creating high quality perfumes for over 25 years. For THE SCENTIST, we have worked with renowned perfumers to develop a completely new approach to creating perfumes of the highest quality and individuality. This process is unique in the world. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of THE SCENTIST — discover your magic, your creation, your perfume and the redefinition of a craft that is over 4,000 years old.
Using the specially developed, image-based personality test, we ask you about your preferences in the areas of cuisine, travel, events and more. Which flavors and colors fascinate you? Which vacation atmosphere touches your senses? Which lifestyle appeals to you? Of course, we also take your skin type into account. Your answers are processed by algorithms and intelligent database systems — from there, we develop fragrance chords and aromas that determine your personal scent aura. These algorithms are based on extensive data and the expertise of top international perfumers. This process is exclusive worldwide and makes every customer their own perfumer.

We do not work with simple matching methods. The heart of THE SCENTIST is the creative, artificial intelligence of innovative computer systems — it is a continuously changing, self-learning system that is constantly evolving — just as we humans are constantly changing in our thinking, feeling, perceiving and acting.

This means that, for example, three personality tests with identical inputs can still result in minimally different formulas, since the algorithm is constantly optimizing in nuances. This sometimes results in three fragrances that are 98-99.9% composed with the same or identical raw materials. These three perfumes are very close to each other in olfactory characteristics, but can be quantitatively and/or qualitatively different in the fine-tuning — so that no perfume is like the other.
After evaluating your personality test, your individual formulation is evaluated by our experienced perfumer and carefully mixed by hand. The creation of your fragrance requires the highest precision and profound knowledge of multi-faceted fragrance components and the composition of the finest aromas. Through state-of-the-art computer technologies that use artificial intelligence and learning, we ensure that your perfume is a harmonious, finely tuned and individual creation.
You will receive a unique perfume of the highest craftsmanship — it doesn’t get more individual than this. Without compromising on quality, design and packaging, we use the best ingredients currently available; the oils and aromas used are sourced exclusively for us from renowned fragrance manufacturers and raw material suppliers from all over the world. Your perfume creation comes to you in a weighted, modern 100 ml flacon. In addition, your perfume creation includes a description of its special, sensual appeal. It is the proof that your perfume is inimitable.
We are a German company and are subject to the data protection regulations applicable in Germany. We do not share your data with third parties for advertising and marketing purposes. Only our shipping partners receive your data for sending your perfume, processing the purchase and deliveries. You will also not receive any advertising, newsletters or similar from us. We will inform you about innovations exclusively via our websites or social media presences. You will receive offers and current news with our newsletter only if you register for it.
A little anticipation goes a long way. We strive to create your fragrance within 2–3 days. Once your fragrance is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to keep you informed. If you have registered with THE SCENTIST, you can track your shipment even easier and more conveniently through your account in the login area.